Concrete and Building Products Ltd.

Ready Mixed Concrete, or RMC as it is popularly called, refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer’s construction site in a freshly mixed and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete itself is a mixture of Portland cement, water and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone. In traditional work sites, each of these materials is procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at site to make concrete. Ready Mixed Concrete is bought and sold by volume – usually expressed in cubic meters. RMC can be custom-made to suit different applications.

Ready Mixed Concrete is manufactured under computer-controlled operations and transported and placed at site using sophisticated equipment and methods. RMC assures its customers numerous benefits.

Currently M.I. Cement have 6 RMC manufacturing units better known as “Crown Cement Concrete and Building Products Ltd. (CCC&BPL)’’ at Rustompur near Ashulia (2 units), Porabari in Gazipur, Siddhirganj in Narayanganj, Beraid in Dhaka, Sarabo in Kashimpur and Sitakund in Chittagong. Our Ready Mix concrete plant has state-of-the-art `facilities that feature on time delivery with a large fleet of modern brand new mixer trucks and pumps.

For further details and queries feel free to contact CCC&BPL Customer Service at 01708810210, 01708810310.