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About Crown Izonil

IZONIL produces special construction materials. These can be sorted out in the following product groups:

  • Special plasters
  • Waterproof cement materials
  • Innovatory construction materials

IZONIL PLUS is extremely waterproof dry mixture that will create a waterproof membrane after application while it stays breathable with drying effect at the same time. Hydrophobic ingredient IzoComponent PLUS is the key component that ensures special characteristic of the product.

IZONIL PLUS offers long-term solution with removing the problems with water leakage on surface of the wall, roof or floor. It is revolutionary solution for usage in buildings where it is necessary to protect them before destructive influence of water. This solution is produced from natural materials and does not contain any harmful or inflammable ingredients and it is environment friendly therefore it is possible to use it for insulation of tanks with drinking water.



  • IN ONE STEP 100% Waterproof, 100% Drying, Breathable plaster. IN ONE STEPS 100 % Waterproof solution.
  • Above-ground insulation.
  • Excellent adhesion, minimal waste during application.
  • Sulfur-resistant and prevention against salt crystallization.
  • It is possible to apply to wet surfaces.
  • Can be used as wet mixture with local sand.
  • Eliminate the need for chemical waterproofing membranes.

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