Raw Materials

Cement is manufactured by blending different raw materials and heating them at a high temperature in order to achieve precise chemical proportions of lime, silica, alumina and iron in the finished product, known as cement clinker. It is remarkable that, in our country most of the cement factories are clinker based plant. Clinker is the main raw materials; gypsum is mixed with it to a small proportion. Gypsum helps to retard the cement from immediate setting so that builders get enough time to get their work done. All the factories depend on imported raw materials.



Lime Stone

Fly ash

We have been using clinker, fly ash, slag, limestone and gypsum of world class quality as raw materials, which are imported directly under our own supervision from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea. The imported raw materials are preserved in a weather protected place to maintain the quality of materials intact. Apart from this, to ensure the standard and quality of the raw materials test certificate is obtained from the reputed International “Quality Assurance” firm like the SGS, the LIoyd before they are imported. The same are also tested in our own laboratory to ensure quality.